Saturday, May 13, 2006


This ABA and NBA Legend
Deserves To Be In The Basketball Hall Of Fame.

• Named to Sporting News’ Top 50 of the first 50 Years of the NBA
• Named to Athlon’s Top 50 of the first 50 Years of the NBA
• ABA Championship, Kentucky Colonels, 1975
• Career .599 field-goal percentage - highest in NBA history
• 3rd highest shot blocker in pro basketball history (3,178)
• 4th highest rebounder in pro basketball history (16,330)
• 14th of all time pro basketball scorers (24,941)
• Leading left-handed scorer in professional basketball history
• One of only eight players in college history to average
20 points and 20 rebounds per game over a career
• All Star in 11 of 17 years as a pro
• 5th best all-time for pro minutes played (43,836)
• Played 670 consecutive games
• ABA Most Valuable Player and Rookie, 1971-72
• ABA single-season record for the most blocked shots (422)
• All-time ABA rebounds per game (40)
• Won 4 out of 5 ABA rebounding titles
• Led Jacksonville University to the NCAA championship final game vs UCLA in 1970
• Top of ESPN’s list of “Players Missing From The Hall Of Fame”

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