Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Artis Answers Questions From Readers

As a former SPURS you've probably been following the San Antonio versus Dallas playoff series. What do the SPURS need to do to recover and get passed the MAVS?


Unfortunately my beloved SPURS may not have the ability to recover
from this very difficult deficit against the newly revitalized Dallas Mavs.

If I had the opportunity to make some suggestions to this SPURS team, it certainly would focus on the fact that on defense the larger Dirk Nowitzki has been guarded with a smaller defender like Bruce Bowen. As good as he is, Bruce just just doesn't have the size to match up with Dirk. The imbalance in defense is also evident by the fact that the SPURS are giving up way too many points. Reliability on defense is key to success in any game, but especially so in the playoffs.


May 16, 2006

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