Friday, October 15, 2010


In response to my earlier blog about how I would defend myself if I had to play against myself (an interesting reader question), ug2b asked:

“I love the pinching - did that really happen?”

ug2b is referring to my comment about administering a hip pinch now and again to keep an opponent mentally and physically off-balance.

Did it happen?

Oh yeah.

Here’s a little tip to all you Rec League ballplayers (although I’ll deny I said it) --- referees rarely see fouls that happen below the waistline! A sociable clamping of the thumb and pointer finger onto a guy’s hip will, at the very least, annoy him and take his mind off the game. Add a little extra pressure by using your body weight to press downwards and he might jump sideways but he won’t be jumping too high vertically! This is a nice little way to get to know your opponent when you are guarding a low post player who works with his back to the basket. It’s also an effective way to make friends with a guy who’s gained position on you for a rebound!